Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Insuring Home Property in India

Every ones dream is having own home and to protect that home from unpredictable conditions every one have to insure the home. Before going to insure home you have to know some important things. They are:

- If you want to cover more, you have to pay higher premium before. But the actual value of the home property is needed for enough coverage. So be truthful to state the correct value of the property which you are going to be insured to an insurance company.

- If you are going to insure for the home appliances you need to give all the details such as value, model number, manufacturer name, year of purchase and any other peculiar specifications to be mentioned to get the easy claim.

- If you buy any new item that you want to replace in the place of insured item then you have make it known to the insurance company by revising the policy.

- In some cases the appliances value insured may be higher than the replacement value of the appliance. That means the appliance value may decrease after some years. If the appliance is breakdown you will not get the replace value covered in the insurance while you won’t state all the details of the appliance including cost value.

- The most important thing is that if your address is changed you have to inform it immediately to the insurance company. Otherwise the company can able to ignore your claim totally.

- If in the same house you are residing more than four years you have to inform the same address to the insurance company.

So while insuring your home follows all these things definitely. Insuring the home property in India means that you have to insure the home value and as well the appliances in the home with clear and proper details.get details about New projects in gurgaon.

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