Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Astonishing & Dream Property in India

'New Delhi and NCR are emerging as one of the most expensive cities between the metropolitan cities, those are valued under high cost of living' this is claimed under a survey conducted by 'Global Human Resource Consultancy Firm.’ However the collected data and information also revealed factual information, that still the cost of living function carried in the capital city Delhi is being lesser while in comparison to other metropolitan cities. As prices for residential properties Delhi has maintained a suitable graph rate by showing the little inexpensive ratios while referring to other 85-90 cities in India.

The cost of living per city/country is estimated by studying the different series of graphs on various indicators including per capita income, national GDP and especially the foreign direct investment. Being the national capital of India, Delhi has and will never seen the down-line movement for a lengthy period of time wherein the declining in the prices of properties existed whether it is residential properties Delhi or commercial properties Delhi. This was just because of a range of simultaneous factors involved in and responsible for managing the increasing in the prices of land as being the most important commodity for living, this could be migration ratio, commercial city or national capital.

Data information gathered on realty markets in Delhi reflects that Delhi has been India's most expensive city even before financial hug city Mumbai and elite city Bangalore. So it will be nevertheless to depict these properties in Delhi have bright scenario especially for residential properties Delhi, 'as whoever migrates, surely will seek home.’ This property motion will also support the upward strategic trend in price fluctuations for commercial properties Delhi under long run as well. The complete circle will attract foreign direct investment towards property in India. This would indeed create circulation of multiple currencies and secure investment as being secured investment towards property investment in Delhi and NCR.

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