Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prices Hike for Faridabad Property in India

Faridabad as a national capital region or NCR is very well known place. Real estate value of this region starts from Rs. 25 lacs onward for 2BHK and very accordingly as per the preferred location and facilities. Faridabad has become a hub for various commercial doings. Its closeness with other major cities and presence of expressway, roads, national highways, bridges, upcoming metro linking to Delhi etc have added more value to this city, in addition to this there are several ongoing projects for educational institutes, hospitals, fitness centers, development of rural areas etc. are the main reasons for the hike in property prices in Faridabad.

Presence of several big builders who are having lots of housing and commercial projects and they are earning good amount of profit because of these projects. Real estate has been divided into two groups: residential & commercial. Different types and sizes of plots for commercial and residential purpose are available in various locations and their values vary accordingly. People are giving preference to this region and investing money in residential units either in the form of houses to reside or for investment point of view to make money in future. More and more commercial sectors are coming here to settle down by establishing their offices here and they know that investing here in the property of Faridabad will be valuable to earn revenue from such business units. Because of this high demand property prices in Faridabad are increasing at a very high rate.

Thus it is clear that because of development and growth of this region i.e. Faridabad, its demand is moving upward and consequently prices of property are also moving up as skyscraping rates and it is clear that Faridabad property in India whether it is residential unit or commercial unit, it will generate good money in long run. Therefore investing in real estate is good and wise decision for all.get details about New projects in noida.

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