Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Estate Delhi

Delhi is a city which has a problem of traffic congestion. So one would definitely like to purchase retail property in a place where you don’t have to deal with these traffic problems daily so you have to consider the transportation system in the city of your choice. Definitely the presence of a mass transit service, bus and light rail and of course flights or air service will be of great help if you are planning to buy retail property in Delhi. Because of constant development and growth the demand of NCR Real Estates are rising and because of this rise the property value is increasing at a high rate. The presence of different financial institutes and banks have made it easy to avail the home loan at a reasonable rate of interest to buy the accommodation/ house/ or commercial place. Furnished retail property is given preference and it’s perfect for commercial purpose or for long term stay. These are available in different size having facilities like:24 hours water and electronic supply Air-conditioned, Fully furnished Dining and living rooms, Backyard Parking ,And all other required facilities on demand.

Because of having sky scraping price of real estate Delhi it has become almost impossible for a person to find home(s) within this city i.e. Delhi and the reason for this is – Non-affordable cost of property. And alternatively people have to choose accommodation on rent in Delhi instead of having own houses or they wait for the housing projects scheme that assure an accommodation at a reasonable and affordable cost. Here it come the requirement of Delhi rental retail property that provides properties at a reasonable rates and in different authorized locality.
Many people buy rental retail property and rent it out to different people so that they can earn income from there. Some retail properties have all facilities available there. We can also get furnished Rental property in Delhi and NCR regions. Although furnished apartments are expensive than the normal ones but still they are affordable.

Rental retail property is nowadays available in different size and with no. of facilities. The facilities vary depending on the size and rate of the industries. The different types of facilities available are air-condition, 24 hrs water supply and electricity, parking facility, lobby or park etc. Choice of apartment if totally depends on the purpose to buy /hire it. If you are opting it for your business purpose and you are having small team than you can choose two BHK set and location as per the requirement. Rental value of the commercial space in Delhi has never faced slowdown whereas the purchasing power of buyers might have faced slowdown in last few years.

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